nanoBioSciences, LLC (DBA AdminMed) has developed the Advanced micro-needle Patch (AdminPatch®) technology allowing the delivery of numerous drugs including proteins and water-soluble molecules through the skin. We have filed several patents covering design, manufacture, and use of AdminPatch® technology and we are currently working to commercialize it.  Our developed microneedle technology is protected by 3 Granted US Patents (US 7658728, US 7785301, and US 8,414,548) as well as several pending international patents.  Also our AdminPatch® Trademark is granted: (US 77/055420).        

On the basis of AdminPatch® microneedle technology, we developed a painless subcutaneous vaccine and drug injection device (“AdminPen”).  AdminPen is the enabling technology for delivery of vaccine nanoparticles uniformly into 1cm2 skin area that was proven in animal experiments to dramatically improve the efficacy of vaccines by several times (4-16 times!) in comparison to same vaccine injected in liquid form using a regular needle and syringe.   

The patented painless AdminPen device allows effective delivery of all vaccines (such as HIV, Ebola, Flu, and cancer vaccines), including particle-based vaccines, liquid drugs, or injectable cosmetics and can be inexpensively manufactured using mature high-volume, low-cost processes, and follows the 510(k) regulatory approval route. The microneedles are formed from a standard metal film that allows scalable high volume and inexpensive manufacturing of the AdminPen.  AdminPen device can be attached to any standard commercially available pen with a pre-filled drug cartridge or to any standard syringe.

AdminPatch® Microneedle Array (left) and AdminPen Microneedle Array injection device (right)


Our AdminMed division is working on commercialization of the developed microneedle technology.  For more information and to purchase product samples please click on the following picture to visit web-site:



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